Thank you for your interest in the ZIEIS Donor Programs. Our programs encompasses two (2) areas of philanthropy:

1) Product Donations/Discounts: Our main Donor Program area is designed to help non-profit organization obtain ZIEIS product(s) at a discount or possibly free-of-charge.

If you would like information about participating in this area of the ZIEIS Donor Program, please use the Contact Us form.

2) Direct Donations: The other area of philanthropy focuses on the direct donation of a portion of the proceeds from select ZIEIS products. The unique element of this donation process is that the ZIEIS customer determines which of the select non-profit organization receives the proceeds. The customer simply selects one of the non-profit organizations from pull down menu. In addition, there is NO additional cost to the ZIEIS customer for selecting a product within this special Donor Program category.

CLICK HERE to review the non-profit organizations that have been selected to participate in the ZIEIS Donor Program.

CLICK HERE to review the selection of digital scales available in the ZIEIS Donor Program.